2023 Sacred Sites Itinerary- Experience the love and magic of the sacred feminine in the South of France

Day One- June 17-Meet at tour arrival point. Pick up can be arranged at Toulouse airport or Carcassonne train station. Festive welcome dinner and orientation.

Day two-June 18 Unique-Market day in a charming village with great people, local produce, music, art, and healing arts. Afternoon visit to world famous Rennes-le-Chateau to the Magdalene Church to explore the mysteries and work with the energies.

Day three- June 19- Hike to the Magdalene Caves to meditate and tune into the powerful galactic energies. Afternoon in Rennes-les-Bains at the Fountain of Love to swim in the river where Mary Magdalene baptized people. Film event at Debowska Productions.

Day four- June 20- Rennes-les-Bains Devil’s Armchair and Throne of Isis. Then on to Mt. Bugarach to recharge in nature at the lake and picnic. Walk around or up Mount Bugarach.

Day five- June 21-Montsegur- Climb to the top of the famed, last stronghold Cathar castle and experience this landmark and 12th dimensional stargate at Summer Solstice. Return via Notre Dame du Val d”Amour and troubadour Cathar castle at Puivert.

Day Six- June 22- Visit the world heritage site, the Walled City of Carcassonne for a day exploring the historical Cathar city, highlighted by the Basilica of St. Nazaire and the well where we will do energy work. Dine at one of the many restaurants or picnic as you choose. Return via Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux.

Day Seven- June 23- Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer- Visit the place where Mary Matdalene and the Marys, family, and disciples landed in France, along with Sara. Experience Sainte Sara, in the crypt, the patron saint of the Gypsies.

Day Eight – June 23- Free time in histoiric Alet -les-Bains. Walk through the city. Meet the history, people, and charm of this Medieval Town. Afternoon concert of channeled music and visit with spiritual community.

Day Nine- June 24- Powerful Bethlehem Cave in Ussat-les-Bains, a major Cathar initiation site . Cathar museum and modern troubadour are found in the town. Notre Dame de la Victoire in Tarascon-sur-Ariege.

Day Ten-Nebias fairy forest- primal ancient energies and the magic of nature. Time for integration. Departure dinner.

Day eleven- June 27- noon to two pm- Departure from Toulouse Airport

Days are subject to change and interchangeable based on the weather, health and safety, and creating the most magic.