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083       Take a sacred sites tour and ascension journey with Marilyn Summer,  pictured here in front of the historical Nostradamus house in Alet-les-Bains, a mystical center in the Aude region of France.

Marilyn Summer, M.A. French language and literature, has traveled extensively in France on her own pilgrimage and research studies, and has led others on journeys to the sacred sites, legendary places, and magnificent monuments on an “ascension” tour.  She can help you with French language and cultural understanding. Besides the beauty of the French countryside and magnificent culture and history, the incredible abundance of sacred sites now emphasize the importance of France in the lifting of frequencies and transformation of planet Earth. Come and explore the major nature sites, Black Madonnas,  Cathar castles and other power spots associated with the Magdalene-Cathar energies and embrace your connection to Soul and Spirit.

Marilyn is also a Certified Kripalu Yoga and Amrit Yoga instructor. She taught yoga for many years in Florida, on Kauai, and has also taught in France. She is a vegetarian cook who has written a booklet on vegetarian cooking and can assist you in all aspects of French food including being vegetarian or vegan in France. Marilyn has worked with Sunrider whole food concentrates based on the philosophy of regeneration for many years. These products can be extremely helpful to maintain general health, especially when traveling. These are options available to you when touring with Marilyn.

Marilyn moved to Kauai in 1993 and has integrated much of the Hawaiian culture into her being, along with a great love for the island, its land and people, and the connection to ancient Lemuria.

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Spiritual tours/retreats and customized tours

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Travel Consultant

I can help with the details and creation of your personal connection and travels to France or a group itinerary to fit your needs, time frame, and budget with or without a tour guide. $125 hour- refundable for those who take a tour

French Language

Learn and practice French grammar and conversation for your trip prior to leaving or just for your pleasure or general knowledge. Lessons available  in France to continue improving. Individual or group classes. Individual  $60 per hour. Group class $20 per hour minimum 3 people.


Tune into prana “universal energy” as you practice yoga, and deepen your integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit.  An “enlightening” experience on Kauai or in France. Private sessions $100 .

SUNRIDER PRODUCTS- Enhance your trip and your health with great herbal products. Free consultation.