Reflecting on my time in Slavic countries

How blessed  I am to have received true hospitality here. It’s very moving. People give from their hearts and truly take care of you. This is the front side of a backdrop of complicated conflicts people have experienced here due to religious and political differences. I feel I understand more now. They have always been fighting conquerors to achieve freedom. Conquerors were often represented in terms of their religion. It was never easy to be other than part of the established ruling party or religion.. Add to this the entire European political scene and it’s quite a mess. It’s always the little people who wind up fighting each other while those in power reap the benefits.

I can also say that not everyone has been nice, but the majority of people have been superb and by far outweigh the negative experiences of being charged too much, ignored, yelled at, and other unpleasant situations.

Tonight I was invited to Slovakia and felt I would go there, perhaps even on this trip.


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